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Rain Gutter Cleaning is one of those necessary household chores that most of us hate to do.  Once a nasty dirty, unsafe home maintenance chore and not a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon. However, if you don’t keep gutters clean there is no way they can function as designed. The purpose of rain gutters are to collect rain water as it runs off the roof and channel it away from the foundation, to keep your home from settling, while keeping the siding, windows, and fascia from molding and rotting. It still amazes me how many homes in this country do not have rain gutters.

Okay, we all know the gutters have to be cleaned when the water is pouring over the edge, splashing mud all over the house and the wife’s flowers are being flattened by the heavy amount of water landing in her garden. If you don’t clean them out the water stagnates, starts stinking, and breeds mosquitoes (West Nile Virus), roaches that carry  33 various contagious diseases, mold, mildew, along with allergens, contaminants, and God only knows what else. When it rains again, the overflowing water could back up into the eaves, rot out the fascia boards and roof edge, as well. Time to drag out the ladder, find some gloves, a scoop, a bucket, get up on the roof and hope we don’t fall and break something.  Lots of fun, when you would rather be fishing or in my case, hunting. Why do the leaves always have to fall right when hunting season starts?

Our Invented, Patented and Registered Trademark, Made In America, Handcrafted, Gutter Clutter Buster® wet/dry vac attachment tool will make the job "almost fun" and will keep you safe on the ground where God intended your feet to be.   This will help you get the job done faster, easier and with tons of time left in the day for other household chores. You may even have extra time for fishing and hunting! Or if you prefer, you could even spend the rest of the weekend shopping. This tool is so easy to use even "grandmas" and "teenagers" can use it!

Because our product is "Made In USA" it is 100% "LEAD FREE!"   Don't be fooled by imitations "Made in China."

The Gutter Clutter Buster® (GCB) gutter cleaning tool is user-friendly and really does not need a set of instructions to use properly. But here are a couple of Tips and Tricks that I have used while cleaning out our rain gutters that may save you some additional time.


1.  Should you be using GCB Extensions with your GCB Tool, because our engineers took great thought to keep the sections from coming apart during cleaning our Extensions have been designed to fit together very snugly.  Because most products such as these in the past come apart so easily they fall apart while cleaning, most users have a tendency to "jam with much force" our Extensions, thereby making it difficult to get apart when finished.  We highly recommend, that if you are going to be using our Extension that you spray the male end of the Extension "lightly" with either WD-40 or other similar product before inserting into the female ends.  This will make disassemble much easier and for storage.

2.   I always start at the end of the gutter where the downspout is located. This is generally where the heaviest accumulation of debris will be.  Place the end of the GCB into the gutter and begin vacuuming the debris out.  Depending on the power of your wet/dry vac and how clogged your gutters are, you may have to work the tool in an “up and down” motion, taking small amounts of debris at a time.

If you get a large amount of debris or a stick across the mouth of the tool you can simply use the roof edge or the gutter nails to knock it loose. Sometimes a large stick will have to be removed by hand. Don’t worry if all the debris is removed or not, at this point. You will be able to feel and hear the junk passing through the tool and the hose of your shop vac. If you leave a leaf or two, the next rain will wash it out.

As a side note, I just cleaned my gutters this past weekend and even as many times as I have done so, I just had to get the ladder and look in the gutter and you may want to, the very first time, as well.  My gutters were as clean as I knew they would be. Not even one leaf was left behind. The GCB vacuumed out every bit of the roof gravel, sand, wet leaves, pine needles, sticks, moss, bugs and gunk.

3.   If you don’t want to climb a ladder to see how clean the gutter is, here is a trick that will work and keep you safe on the ground. Simply take a hand held mirror and secure it to a pole that is long enough to reach your gutters. When securing the mirror to the pole, you want to make sure that it is fastened across the end of the pole in a 90 degree angle so when you hold the pole straight up you can see yourself in the mirror. Then just hold it over the gutter and angle the mirror so you can see into the gutter. You may even want to do this before you begin cleaning so you know where the debris is and how much there is. Make sure when fastening the mirror to the pole that it is secured tightly with some good adhesive tape so you don’t have to worry about the mirror falling from the pole.

GCB Tool and took pictures of the "very clean gutter" which they could view to determine if all gutter debris had been remove.  Kudo's to our customer!


1.   For those of you that have pine needles, here is a trick that works. Depending on how jammed your gutters are, will decide how fast you can go. When first starting, place the GCB tool into the gutter and get as much of a wad of pine needles as possible stuck to the mouth of the tool. This will have to be removed by hand. This may have to be done a couple of times to get a clean area at the end of the gutter. Once you have a spot cleared, place the mouth of the tool back into the gutter in the cleared area and tilt the tool at an angle so the needles are vacuumed into the tool by the end of the needles. As stated earlier, depending on how packed your gutters are, will determine how fast you will be able to go.

This may sound like a lot of work but it really is not hard at all to do and  so much better than climbing a ladder and cleaning them out by hand.   My 72 year old wife who is only 5’3”  and can do our entire house all the way around in just about an hour.

This by far is the safest, cleanest, and fastest way to keep your rain gutters clean. And once you have cleaned them the first time, it is a breeze to keep them clean. Where I live in Florida, the oak leaves fall all year long.  So to keep the gutters working properly and add curb appeal to our home, we spend  about 45 minutes to an hour, every 6-8 weeks and never have to worry about them clogging.

Our Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool is 60” long, 2-½ inches in diameter, and provides easy access to all single story rain gutter that has 3 inches or more of clearance from the roof edge to the front of the gutter.  For those of you that need more length our 54 inch one-piece Extension Wands have given some of our customers ability to DIY gutter cleaning from the ground as high as 30-40 feet in height. Commercial cleaning companies love it!

Those of you that live in snow country the GCB tool can also be used for removing snow, icy water or thin ice to keep the gutters from becoming so heavy that  it causes them to separate from the roof edge.

Thanks for spending time with us.  Don’t forget to share your comments with us below. May Father God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you His perfect peace.

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