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Robert Kay: March 26, 2012

Because we "listened" to customers who desired to use the Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool to "blow out" their rain gutters from the ground, we took it to heart.  In spite of the fact, we feel strongly that it is much healthier and safer to "vacuum" out gutter debris.
Vacuuming in lieu of blowing gutter debris, helps eliminate possible breathing problems for the user, as well as keeping all debris contained from gutter to vac canister, while keeping allergens and contaminants from being blown into and around the surrounding environment.

Another great reason for the upgraded Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool is that it gives homeowners and professional cleaning companies the ability to clean gutters that are smaller than 3 inches in width, from the ground; specifically mobile home rain gutters and 2" shed gutters.

The working end of the "candy cane" shape tool now features a "male connection" so the tool itself will accept all your wet/dry vacuum attachments.  The "crack 'n crevice" attachment, "brush", "wide mouth attachment" and the "blower nozzle", etc. can all be connected to the working end of the 60 inch, one-piece, Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool.

Many of our customers were not aware that our 54" Extension wands allowed them to also connect any of their wet/dry vacuum attachments to the end of the wand for vacuuming other areas around the home.

This can still be done, and now, along with the redesigned end of the Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool, you have the option of connecting as many extensions as needed to reach the higher areas from which you wish to vacuum or clean by using your blower nozzle.

Some of these cleaning chores include; but are not limited to, vacuuming or blowing cobwebs from eaves and gables, as well as, dirt, bugs, and spiders from windows, doors, porch ceilings, patios, and even your automobile (by using the soft brush attachment).  Any other area that needs an extra touch of "curb appeal" can now be cleaned with your attachments connected to the Gutter Clutter Buster® or the Gutter Clutter Buster® Extensions.  You will do these chores faster, safer and easier without the need of ladders.

And, just think....
you can do all this for the same low price as our original GCB Tool!!
We could do all this, only because of our great Florida manufacturer, who diligently worked with us to make available a quality product that will keep preforming effectively for years to come and it is still made from the same durable, virgin PVC, with "no lead" content and  is 100% Made In USA, including the packaging.
We continue to support and increase American jobs, by standing firm that our products remain... "Made In America".


July 4, 2012 - GIVE-A-WAY CONTEST

1st Winner:
"We have a 2300 square foot two story brick home with a detached garage built in 1936 surrounded by mature trees; that means 'big' to you.  The result is lots of shade because there are lots of leaves.  That's wonderful except, with lots of leaves, there is lots of clean-up to do, especially when it comes to rain gutters.  I used to horse my 36 foot extension ladder around the windows, electrical service lines and my wife's flower beds doing my darndest not to do any damage but, thanks to Gutterclutterbuster, no longer.  How I bless the day I found you guys.  Now I simply hook up my 5 HP shop vac with your 'shepherd's hook' and two of the long extensions (for the house) and walk the perimeter!  It's so easy I do my lazy neighbor's garage for gratis; fewer pesky mosquitoes plus I get the compost!  With out a doubt, this is one of the best investments I've ever made.  I thank you!

Graham D. | St. Louis, Mo

2nd Winner:
My GCB is several years old and it still works well. It easily removing leaves, rocks, mud or apples, from our eavestroughs. It looks simple but there is more to the design than meets the eye. Mine has an extension and the taper of the joint is such that it goes together easily, stays together during use, and comes apart easily when finished. It rarely clogs and the sound changes when the debris is gone. A great product that is as advertised.

Murray B. | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We at Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC wish to thank each and every customer who participated in this FREE July 4, 2012 "Give-A-Way" contest and the Top Winners above will receive a NEW REDESIGNED/UPGRADED Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool within the next five business days.  Congratulations!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post with us! I am really pleased to see such kind of useful information on your blog.
    Especially this paragraph
    "Another great reason for the upgraded Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool is that it gives homeowners and professional cleaning companies the ability to clean gutters that are smaller than 3 inches in width, from the ground; specifically mobile home rain gutters and 2" shed gutters."

    roof repair Washington DC

  2. Interesting article.I never knew there was an award awarded to Gutter cleaners,well done and congratulations to those who won.You will be an inspiration when it comes to gutter cleaning Texas .Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your comments and kind words. We strive to provide cleaning attachment tools for folks that have a 2.5" hose on their wet/dry vacuums, so they may have the option of vacuuming or blowing debris out of gutters, garage, sheds, barns, stables, etc.
    It has always been our hope and desire to keep everyone safe on the ground while doing their clean-up projects and stay off from a dangerous ladder.
    We are proud that our products are 100% Made In USA and help in some small way to help provide for more jobs here at home.
    Thank you again and have a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday.

  4. 100% shop vac is the way to go! We use a Vac system for our business to clean gutters and it's a lot easier.

  5. I am wondering how much the gutter buster system costs to buy and how would you check if the gutters are actually cleaned on such a tall building? Wouldn't we still have to go up and check to make sure they are completely unblocked?

    1. Thank you for your questions. The best way to check out the cost of the system is to visit our web site at as there are a variety of combinations you can choose. As for knowing if the gutters are clean, you will be able to tell by the sound of the wet/dry vac and the feel of the tool. You can feel the debris flowing through the tool when cleaning and you won't when all the debris has been vacuumed out of the section you are working on. If that does not work for you a couple of our customers have devised ways of attaching a mirror to the tool so they could see into the gutter from the ground. Those ideas are posted here on our blog. Hope this helps and again we thank you for taking the time to visit with us.

  6. Great post! Been reading a lot about different gutter cleaning methods. Thanks for the info!

  7. I have a lot of trees in my backyard that always clog my gutters every fall. It would be nice to have something to help me in the process. I think it would take half the amount of time if I had help.!cleaning-and-maintenan/c24ib

  8. I had no clue that there had been 2.1 million ladder deaths since 1990! I will definitely NOT be cleaning my own gutters anymore! I don't want to risk it! Thank you for the information!

    Jim Tracy |

  9. This is good to know the new methods of Gutter Cleaning Calgary Thanks for posting this information.


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